Know why counselling is better than bottling up your emotions: How Counselling Helps

One morning I woke up scared and found myself on the crossroads of emotions. The rush of heavy dosage of emotions increased my cortisol levels to such an extent that I couldn’t help myself but wake up crying. It felt as though the neurotransmitters in my amygdala was playing Rugby.

I was angry, sad and grief stricken for so many confusing reasons that I failed to make a plausible reason out of it all.
If it was my good fortune or just dumb luck, I do not know, but my therapist had an open appointment.
I got ready, grabbed some fruits and rushed to his office at the soonest. For I knew, it was my therapist who could navigate my emotions towards the right direction and give me a clear picture of what gave way to that episode I had that morning.
Well, that was a snippet of a bigger picture, which is painted of mental health and its associates that happen to trouble our consciousness.

Emotions and its associates are vast and have perks added to it than just being written down into words.

So, tell me, have you felt the same way as I did that morning?

Or maybe you have such episode daily; Some may say every moment of their time awake seems to be a painful episode whether there is any validation or not. Unfortunately, people who suffer from such emotional trauma do not have access to help or are so good at hiding away their emotions that you will see them walking around, interacting with a smile on their faces.
Human emotions are as complex and simple, simultaneously.

It is how you perceive it from your personal and social ends. Sometimes a hug is enough to heal a tired soul and at times, years of therapy is needed to get them back into the world where they can live without any emotional prejudices from their inner self.

You ask if counselling helps, why do people shy away from it?
To this, I would say, why did you shy away at first? As rude as it sounds, it is not, that is because we all have shied away from getting treated for our mental health.
Riddle me this, every time there is a mention of the term Mental Health what comes to your mind? Crazy¸ right? It is difficult to associate anything else with it but, just like the human anatomical health issues, there are multiple mental health issues that need to be covered.
Uncover the root of the cause.

Before you can open your bottle to the therapist, open to yourself. Try to find out your authenticity, the real you, for only then you can be truthful to your therapist. If you are going to beat around the bush about your existence to the therapist, the healing process will be hindered of all your biased truths. Like Socrates had said, ‘Know thy self’. There are multiple perceptions of what he said, but the underlying principle remains the same. Know yourself, know your true self.

So, how does counselling help?
Once you have determined your true self and the emotional burden that is subduing your happiness, seek a counsellor. For, a counsellor/ therapist stands on neutral ground. They do not judge you, instead, they guide you through the process of healing.
Therapists don’t choose who to help, they are chosen to help anyone who seeks mental counselling.
Trained in psychotherapy and wellbeing of mental health, therapists follow fundamentals that help them to analyse, evaluate and conclude our state of mind.

The first of the few things is Empathy, it enables a therapist to bond with the person and understands what they are undergoing emotionally and everything that surrounds his mental state.
Secondly, it’s Perspective, for both parties. It is on the perception of the therapist and the seeker as to how one must go ahead towards a better change.
Lastly, it is Channelling thoughts, a therapist enables one to channel their thoughts through a healthy medium which helps to filter out the negativity and get positive results in the process.

To conclude, therapy helps one to challenge the emotions that have been a constant constraint in living a better, fruitful life. It allows a person to face the discomfort of life that come in various forms like Depression, Anxiety, Cracks in relationships, Anger, Hurt, and many more.
The silver lining that we get today is, you don’t have to face such emotions alone. Let a counsellor/ therapist hold your hand and walk you down the path of your challenging mental transformation instead of walking by confused and helpless.
Counselling will show you a way out of all your turmoil’s; It will draw a truer and brighter picture for you to cope and emerge victoriously.