Counselling: For you and for everyone. Open the doors that closed your mind.

I am fine.
It is easier said than expressed what goes on in our mind.
Every morning when we wake up, it is easy to say everything is fine than to explain to someone why something is not right. Whether we are open as a book or closed as a chapter, we will always face questions from people who love us and care about us. However, we fail to believe and respond to caring queries.
Ever asked yourself why you never speak up about your mental issues to someone else?

Maybe because ever since we began understanding our existing environment as a child, talking about mental issues was looked down on.
‘You are weak’, they said.

‘What a cry baby; You should grow up; Brush everything under the table’, they exclaimed.
That very thought of being called weak or a cry baby triggered our response to saying ‘You know what? I am fine, no biggie’.
Unhealthy as it was, it wasn’t of much importance as to how that perception would impact our mind. For, growing up believing that expressing our hurt or mental issues does not fit the societal norm, we indirectly convince our subconscious the same.
What happens then?

Well, we are burdened with our trouble, confused to the brim, not knowing which way to go and which way not to.
When I was growing up, I remember my parents taking me to the medical centre for check-ups. From the tip of our head to the big toe, everything was a matter of concern, everything that had nerves and blood running through it. the mindset was so constricted that no one, absolutely nobody thought about the mind. For, if the brain was functioning properly, the mind seemed lucid too.

That was the assumption.

Neglecting our mental health is what bound our nourishment, constricted the process of mental healing.
Fortunately, today we have counsellors, who listen to what we have to say and helps us find meaning in our lives. Someone who acts from a point of neutrality and helps us cope with our daily life. A Counsellor, someone we speak her heart to without feeling judged or looked upon as crazy.
Maybe that is it, the thought of being perceived as crazy for talking our mind. That is what held us back and designed a mountain of unsaid mindful words.
There are still miles to go, as the process of counselling involves acceptance, commitment and a strong will.
The first and foremost aspect of opening our mind is to accept the truth about our self. We often ignore how troubled our mind is; How weary the soul has become from the result of living the life we chose. More so, it is our mind who tricks our itself to neglect the pain than to deal with it.
If you wish to be counselled, you will have to open your mind & heart to the vulnerability that will come with it. You must Accept the state of your mind to move on to the next stage, that is Commitment.
The word itself is so overrated and heavily perceived that talking about ‘it’ makes one uncomfortable. But we must Accept it to make it happen. Weird, right? How both acceptance and commitment seem closely related.
We must commit ourselves to open our mind, to let change happen and to commit to finding meaning which requires Strong Will.
Strong Will
Counselling shows us the life that exists out of the zone of comfort we normally know of. Things that we did not acknowledge earlier is no scattered in front of us like worms out of a can, literally. To face the truth, we need to be strong willed. We must know the truth and believe in the good that can come out of us.
If our will is weak, so will be our mind. If you are willing to go through the process of relieving yourself off your burdens, a strong will is what will keep your boat floating.

These three steps if followed, you will find yourself smoothly playing every card life deals you with.

Is it necessary to get counselling?

Tell me, dear, when was the last time you told your friend or a family about how you really felt? If you must pause and think about the time you spoke to someone dear to you about your mental state then you should know, you need counselling.
There are multiple things that keep us away from facing the truth.; The feeling of being judged, being called Crazy, being outright neglected, feeling misunderstood, so on and so forth.
We understand it is a lonely feeling to deal with everything by yourself. We also understand it is unhealthy to deal with it without the help of your loved ones.

Which is why, there are counsellors, willing to counsel us. If you want to be free you must Ask for Help.
Don’t stand in the crossroads of life wondering if you need someone to confide in. Seek the counsel you need, put your mind to rest.
Anyone, anywhere, may need counselling. It is the best possible way to open our mind to the truth of our being.