Do you know the time when panic sets in and all you feel is helpless even when it is the most awaited day of your life? Well, yes, most of us do. The panic button somehow gets stuck and the intensity of it drains our joy, energy and will to marry (pun intended).
Hence, in such a situation, what do you think is making you panic? Let us stop you before you blurt out Cold Feet! For, you like it or not, there is a lot to panic than just getting a cold foot. There are multiple health reasons that go behind the way to-be-married couples often feel on their special day.
Let’s take an example from the real-life story of a bride to get a better picture.
My wedding date was set on the 9th of September, five months away.
At first, I went to the designer-wear boutiques to find the best wedding dress. After a lot of dress hunting, I finally found the one. seeing it made me believe it was meant for me. As impulsive I am, my heart was set to that beautiful satin gown. I bought it; the wedding was four months away.
Since the biggest challenge was undertaken, all my worries went down the drain, for all I knew, I had found the best dress. However, there is a lot more that must be considered, hair, makeup, shoes, etc.
With time, I was able to find them all, but simultaneously I was gorging on junk. In no time, my nutritional diet was replaced with beer, ice cream and tons of junk to celebrate the last few days of my singledom.
1…2…3…4…5…9th of September!

The day was here. it was then I realise I am getting married. The thought of it was scaring me in minuscule amounts. My pressure kept increasing; bestie joked maybe I am getting a cold foot!
My hair and make-up were done, lastly, I had to wear the dress. It did not fit. (Thank you Beer and Fries)
Talk about being panicked! I lost my calm and it was soon turning int the worst moment of my life. The tailor had come in to make the fittings, and while she worked, I thought of wearing the shoes, it felt uncomfortable, tight to be exact. Scalp felt itchy, underarms opened the floodgates and I was a mess.
Luckily, a friend of mine is a psychologist, and she was one of the bride’s maid.
I owe my wedding day to her. She calmed me, gave me a perspective and changed my hysteria to composure.
Later, she told me why I had freaked out. It was the result of a bad lifestyle I was leading the months before. Junk and beer tossed my nutrition levels to an extreme which resulted in my hysterical pre-wedding deck-up session.
Well, you get married once, while mine was spent in hysteria, you still can have a peaceful wedding. Stay healthy and keep your nutrition levels high. It helps you stay fit, gives a glowing skin, keeps your head in place and doesn’t mess with your diet.
If you are planning to marry soon and don’t wish to be stuck in a situation like she was, choose a healthier lifestyle. If you do not know how our team at Health First will pave the way for your fitness. All you need to do is ask.

Here’s a tip or two that will come in handy for you before the special day.

  • The Diet
    It is important to maintain a proper diet. Contact your nutritionist and share your concerns. Make sure you follow the diet as prescribed by the medical professional to stay healthy and to maintain the perfect figure.
  • Say no to Alcohol/Caffeine
    If you wish to look the best, stay off alcohol and caffeine until you tie the knot. Although most of the to-be-weds drown in alcohol celebrating singlehood, it is better to avoid it totally.
  • Hello, Exercise
    Kick the bottles out while wearing the jogging shoes. The weeks before the wedding is strenuous and can affect your health wrongfully. Hence, exercise daily and stay healthy, live fit.
  • Supplements of joy
    There is a multitude of supplements that can be added to one’s food intake which can do wonders. For example, chamomile, peppermint, artichoke, organic Aloe Vera, maca, reishi, and others that help your digestive systems, your mental health and your skin. Choose wisely.
  • Meditate
    There is no such medication that will help you with your mental health care but meditation. Meditating helps your mind stay balanced and satisfied, it adds a sense of composure to one’s lifestyle. Meditation is the solution to having a healthy mind.

Are you still looking for a reason to stay healthy before the wedding? If you have a strong will, adopt a healthier lifestyle and a proper nutritional diet. Both of which will work side by side to give you your healthiest self.