Nutritional consultation for diabetes

Has diabetes been your prime concern nowadays which is leaving you distraught so much so that you cannot concentrate in anything else thus marring all your endeavors to lead a normal life? Fret not we are here to help you. Diabetes is more of a lifestyle disease rather than a serious ailment. Though you cannot prevent diabetes but you can surely reverse the disease for better and we tell you how. Healthy eating and regular exercises are the key to keep diabetes at bay.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus as it is commonly known as, is a chronic condition affecting the ability of the body to use energy. In a normal healthy person, the carbohydrate and sugar that is obtained from food is broken down into glucose by the body with the help of a hormone that is found in the bloodstream known as Insulin. In a diabetic patient, this Insulin is deficient in the body either due to the body not producing enough Insulin or it cannot utilize the Insulin properly for breaking down the sugar and carbohydrate in the food. This results in the accumulation of high levels of glucose in the blood that may damage the blood vessels in the kidneys, eyes, heart and the entire nervous system.

There are 3 different types of diabetes triggering different symptoms and treatments. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that can even occur in childhood. It happens when the antibodies of the body attack the pancreas. A certain lifestyle changes like careful diet planning, daily exercises and monitoring the blood sugar level in a regular basis can help reverse this condition.

Unlike the type 1 diabetes, the type 2 diabetes is noninsulin dependent accounting for about 95% of the diabetes cases in the country. It causes obesity and can be prevalent among teenagers as well.

Gestational diabetes is yet another of the kind which is triggered during pregnancy and is often cured afterwards.

How we help

A healthy diet is the key to stay healthy. But what foods do make a healthy diet is a matter of concern and to be looked down with immense knowledge. Foods on one hand provide the essential energy to the cells and on the other hand, deficiencies of important nutrients in the diet and also the toxicity caused from eating a poor diet can take a toll on your health. Eating a proper diet can help in reversing Diabetes.

We do not recommend to give up every food that you love in order to stay healthy. But we provide you with a customized food chart that includes everything that you love to gorge on. We provide you with the best substitutes available that satisfies both your hunger and appetite.

We work in a 3-fold program to give you a healthy lifestyle because Diabetes is closely related with the lifestyle that you lead. We prioritize in the following:

  • Give you a customized diet plan
  • Recommend you for a moderate restriction of calories
  • Recommend you for a moderate increase in regular exercises

We try to figure out the risk factors and work to reverse those risk factors without your having to compromise the food that you can’t live without. With our customized diet you can be rest assured to lose at least 5 to 10% of your body mass in the very first year with our association and this will automatically help in reversing diabetes which is directly related to weight gain and obesity.

Our main motto lies in spreading awareness about holistic health and a compassionate lifestyle. We believe that our ecology is interconnected and can be healed by reconnecting lives. We have helped millions of people to regain their lost health. If you want to reduce your dependence on medication and start living happily by reversing diabetes, we are here to help you. By reversing diabetes, we mean to say reversing the trend of diabetes symptoms like weight gain, high blood sugar levels and thus depending too much on medications that worsens the complications.

Our reversal recommendations involve diet and lifestyle changes that sans drugs or medicines other than those that are extremely essential and are prescribed by your doctors. Our medical doctors monitor your progress. If you wish to get monitored by the doctors of your choice to ensure safety, we allow that also. With our disease reversal programs, you will instantly lose those extra pounds that are bothering you lately and as a part of the reversal program, your energy and health will improve substantially.

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy but few are lucky that way. We do not make tall claims but we can assure you a life that is diabetes free. We have been researching on ways to eradicate the disease fully and the responses that we are getting from our patients are truly overwhelming. Our diabetes reversal programs have been given the acronym as “lifesaving programs” by many of our patients.