Now replace the dumbbell in your hand with a plate of salad; opt for medical weight loss methods to stay healthy

A few months back I was at a party with my husband’s office colleagues. Like every other spouse, I knew I had to dress the best. I wore a bodycon dress that I had managed to squeeze into, soon realising I have upped a size and was not comfortable in fitting into this enviable dress. So, I held my breath and stuffed my body into that dress, knowing I was going to have a difficult time eating and breathing.
However, the dress wasn’t the problem, for upon reaching the party I was amazed at what I saw. It was great to find some of the men and women rocking a fit body.

I wondered to myself, ‘We all have the same strenuous jobs, kids and family to take care. How do they manage to take out time for exercise?’

As amazed as I was, my curiosity took over my conscience and I ended up asking how was it possible.
‘Proper nutrition’, they said.
Are you serious? Firstly, how does eating give you a good body? Secondly, I was shocked.
That’s when a colleague, who has been following a strict nutritional plan for a year, suggested I see his nutritionist and dive deeper into the aspect of how having a nutritional diet chart can help one have a fit body.
So, I went to see the nutritionist and shared my issues, daily routine, food habits, and other relevant information that would help her determine what I would need. She provided me with a healthy diet plan that has helped me move forward to a healthier lifestyle and a fit body.
That is where I learnt that to stay fit you don’t need to eat less, rather you must eat right in order to have a fit, healthy body.
Here I am today, sharing my story about the same.
(As narrated by a patient)
We often wonder about our body and how it adapts to various shapes and we jump from one size to another. It goes on back and forth, making us jittery and helpless at the end. often so, the process gets so frustrating, we end up depressed.
Before moving ahead, you must know that you need to have a strong will to keep your mind and body healthy in order to make it fit.
In the process of losing body weight, getting rid of the excess glutes that hang on your gut or settle on your back, you need to first ask yourself, can you be patient?
Patience and a healthy nutritional diet are the keys to having a fit body that also keeps your mind healthy.
What generally happens is, we lose our patience and we lose our fight to glutes. This is because we listen to too many pieces of advice from others and end up confused. It so happens, a concerned person who so advised you has probably been exercising and not eating in order to gain a chiselled body. However, that person is now dealing with anger issues and is unhappy because their mental health is being compromised in the process. To conclude, if they miss out a day of workout or eat some good food on a vacation (basically, cheat), then the glutes begin to come back, faster than before. This is what we nutritionist try to avoid in our patients, the relapse of body fat, gained quicker than lost.
However, at Health First, we note down every possible detail about your health and food habits. We conduct a few tests and determine the stability of your body on the inside. After which, it gets easier for us to determine the nutritional diet that will help you stay fit and fabulous both mentally and physically. If you choose to alter your lifestyle to the betterment of living, you must follow a proper nutritional diet plan and make Eating Right a lifestyle than just a necessity.
Here are some of the simple ways that could help in a healthier weight loss and help you have a better lifestyle:

  • Begin your day with some moderate exercise, because a nutritional diet offers 70% to losing weight and the rest 30% makes up for moderate exercise.
  • Eat a heavy, fruitful breakfast.
  • Consume whole foods at most.
  • Consume plenty of water.
  • Avoid sugar and sweetened beverages.
  • Eat Apples daily.
  • Avoid binging on junk food. Eat fresh, homemade food.
  • Say no to Dietary Fads that crop up every now and then.
  • Weigh yourself on a weekly basis.

If you are to take my advice, keep the last tip in mind. Weighing daily will make you frustrated, for a healthy weight loss process with the help of medical counselling is slow but is a permanently effective process. You still must be wondering how eating would help in losing weight. Well, you will be surprised by the results you get after enduring the process with will and patience.
Eat healthily, eat right.