Nowadays depression is very common. Even teenagers are suffering from depression. We are living in a world full of materialism, show – off and all that. Hence, by seeing all these things around us people who were deprived off of these things often tend to develop depression. Depression can be very dangerous if not treated on time.

Effects of depression on your body:

Nervous system

When we take a lot of stress physically or mentally, the body uses its energy to deal with it which is called fight or flight response. The nervous system instructs the adrenal gland to release adrenalin and cortisol. Due to these hormones, the heart rate increases, BP increases, digestion is affected and the level of glucose in the bloodstream increases rapidly.

Effects on heart

High anxiety and tension are the main causes of depression. When there is stress or anxiety, the sympathetic nervous system is activated in the person’s body. During this time, the secretion of the hormone called norepinephrine increases in our body, due to which the blood pressure of the person increases. In this case, the heart starts beating rapidly, the blood vessels of the heart shrink, the blood flow becomes faster, due to which the pressure on the heart increases, the person starts sweating and feeling dizzy. People with long-term depression also have an increased risk of a heart attack.

Effect of depression on skin and hair

Depression Counselling in Delhi

Depression Counselling in Delhi

Depression also affects your skin and hair. Due to this, the problem of hair loss. The skin tone is also lost, due to which the patient suffering from depression starts feeling ill.  In many people, problems such as early wrinkles, edema of the skin start to bother. In such a situation, people fall victim to insomnia, which causes dark circles to appear before the eyes.  Apart from this, a person starts getting old at an early age.


Best depression counselor in south Delhi

Being depressed can make you feel helpless. But with the help of therapy, yoga and meditation and counseling. You can bring a lot of change and can fight back with depression. You can go for depression counseling in Delhi, South Delhi, Saket, etc. While talking about depression counseling in Delhi, the only name to be considered for depression counselor in Delhi, South Delhi, Saket, etc is Dr. Sonia Goyal. She is a renewed yoga trainer, dietician and nutritionist, psychological counselor and exercise planner in Delhi. Dr. Sonia Goyal is highly respected in the Wellness industry in Delhi. She has years of experience in her field.  She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She always attends her patients in a very pleasant way. She is the angel of peace and harmony.