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The best way to deal with Depression – Depression Counselling

A personal or professional setback may leave you feeling blue or unhappy. This is perfectly normal if the feeling subsides on its own in a few days. But, if you experience a prolonged feeling of sadness and have lost interest in activities that you once enjoyed, it might be depression. When a person is depressed for a prolonged period than normal day to day life becomes difficult and counselling may be required. For face to face counselling, We provide the best Depression Counselling in Delhi and if you are so busy in your life and can’t come for the counselling then we help you to provide Online Depression Counselling.

Depression Counselling in Delhi


Depression is characterized by anxiety, fatigue, changes in sleep pattern, loss of appetite or overeating, severe distraction, difficulty in remembering details, feeling of guilt, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, persistent headaches, irritability, suicidal tendencies, etc. Although the severity and level of symptoms may vary from person to person, these are some of the symptoms that people are commonly known to experience. If this is your mental state right now, you must seek help.

What causes Depression?

The depressive illness can occur due to a mix of bio-socio-psycho factors along with a person’s genetic susceptibility to it. Medical conditions such as cancer, thyroid, chronic pain, cardiovascular diseases, hormonal disorders, and chronic stress can contribute to depressive disorder. Low self-esteem and oversensitive nature can lead to depression. Some adverse changes in life, family problems, job change, socio-economic status, death of a loved one, and abuse can also cause depression. Men are less likely to experience depression than women as women go through hormonal transformations during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Although depression can affect teenagers and young children, the older generation is more prone to this disorder.


Early diagnosis of depression can speed up the healing process. The person going through Depression needs to be Counselled and the family and friends need to be sympathetic and should do everything to speed up the Counselling process. A person who has actually gone through depression and has been cured through consistent counselling and lifestyle changes is in a better position to understand. Cognitive behavior therapy can be the first line of treatment for a person undergoing Depression. Counselling, behavior therapy should always be the first line of treatment which can be combined with medication if required to completely cure the person of depression.

  • Education about causes and symptoms: A counselor will educate you about the causes and symptoms of Depression and help you deal with them in the future by initiating positive changes in those areas.
  • Identifying depressive thinking: Depression Counselling in Delhi helps you to identify negative thinking patterns so that you can avoid these thoughts and start thinking more practically. The counselor will help you spot the warning signs so that you can identify them sooner earlier and reduce the chances of a depressive bout.
  • Discovering good things in life: The therapist will help you to discover the positive things in your life and engage you in activities that make you happy. A counselor will guide you about the healthy ways of dealing with negative emotions and stress.
  • Improving concentration and problem-solving ability: Depression Counselling in Delhi impacts a person’s ability to focus and solve problems. Consulting a counselor will help you to analyse problems realistically and find solutions.
  • Open up and talk about your feelings: A counselor encourages you to open up and share your feelings with your friends and family members so that you feel more comfortable in the company of other people. It is necessary that you find a therapist with whom you can talk freely and who can help you to get things out of own head and get your hopes up that this feeling of melancholy will end.

Other Ways to Deal With Depression

Healthy habits hold the key to improved physical health. You can achieve this by eating a proper diet, exercising, performing mindfulness activities such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. These practices have shown to decrease stress and enhance focus and mood. Limiting social interaction with people who have a negative influence in your life can be immensely helpful. You should create a healthy sleep and eating schedule and try to follow it too.  Engaging in outdoor activities and exposure to sunlight will provide the required Vitamin D that is important for your brain to produce healthy chemicals.

It is important to understand here that the family members play a vital role in identification and treatment of depression as the person might not realize that he/she is “depressed” despite experiencing all the symptoms. Since depression is biological, the depressed person does not have any control over the chemicals in the brain that are causing the symptoms. If you are struggling in life because of how you are feeling, Depression Counselor in Delhi will put you on the way to recovery. Don’t wait for the worst condition, Go for best Depression Counselling in Delhi or Online Depression counselling and live your life with a healthy mind.

Counselling Outcome

The counselors and psychologists try to identify the behavioral patterns of a depressed person, they try to identify and break the chain of depressing thoughts which can help completely cure depression.

Healthy coping mechanism and personal self-care are planned so that a depressed person can avoid stressful situations and prevent its relapse.

The psychologists and Depression Counselling in Delhi also try to instil positive thought processes in a depressed person. The counselors have various tools which they use depending on how it is helping a person trying to get over depression.

Counsellors have developed various techniques to tackle negative emotions and channelize it in something positive. It surely helps in overcoming depression.

Persons going through depression should not lose hope. The best thing that can do is to take help from counsellors and psychologists who use various techniques and tools to treat depression. We provide the best Depression Counselling in Saket Delhi.