Help Your Child Fight Obesity; A Fit Child Is A Happy Child!

I remember, as a child, my parents would beg me to stay indoors. However, my heart and mind would be fixated to the playground. My friends and I would wait eagerly for 4 o’clock so we could rush to the playground and play our heart out. Yes, those were the days, when obesity in children was an uncommon phenomenon, for we ate fresh and engaged in physical activity.
However, today when I drive past the local playgrounds on my way to work, I find it empty. The emptiness of the grounds makes my heart hollow with memories. How times have changed. Now, children only know the rectangular screen as their friend, leading to multiple problems, like obesity.
Obesity in children is on the rise ever since the internet got cheaper. The reason for making such a huge statement is because the internet is good and bad as well. While it connects people it also hooks children to the rectangle screen. We cannot blame it on the internet completely, because our busy schedules that include a multitude of work, hampers our time to invest in our children as much we could a decade or two back.
Hence, due to such anomalies, we provide children with televisions, computers or tablets to stay engaged. This habit grows in them to such an extent that physical activities seem to be a painful duty than a joyous, cheerful activity. Since we are allotted with less amount of time to invest in personal lives, we ourselves indulge in processed food and, also provide the same to our children.
Result? Children become obese without any knowledge of what it is and how to deal with it!
The worst part about obesity in children is they get more obese as they get older. Had it been a childhood issue it would not have created such a furore, instead, obesity grows like the roots of a harmful weed. It multiplies in existence and renders the garden useless as it sucks out all the nutrition and healthiness of the garden, per se the body.

How do we determine obesity in our children?

Now that is a tricky part, for we often misjudge our assumptions and cut down on our child’s food intake without realising the cause behind their weight gain. Hence, getting a full checkup is mandatory to determine if a child is obese. Seek a professional’s help, like a nutritionist, who can help determine the child’s health by examining his body weight, height and every other necessary information in order to conclude if the concerned child is obese or not. After which, the nutritionist will provide you with a proper diet plan and exercises to help the child stay healthy.
How do we promote a healthy lifestyle in our children?
Every parent or caregiver of a child must always keep tabs on what they consume and what they do physically. Sitting in front of the television with a box full of cookies is a red flag. Hence, we must work it out and find good alternatives to promote a healthier lifestyle in our children.
This is how it can be done:

  • Shift your focus from a ballpark weight goal to a healthy body. Teaching healthy food habits and physical activities to children will help them stay fit.
  • Do not set the child apart from the family if they are overweight. Include them to your lifestyle instead of cutting them off from high-calorie food. You eat healthily, help your child do the same.
  • Make a routine with the help of your child’s nutritionist and determine what they should eat and the activities and set a specific timetable to indulge on the same. The routine helps the body follow a better, healthier lifestyle.
  • Do not make a child feel bad about their weight gain. Help them see the problem in an easy way so they understand the problem behind it. do not blame them, instead help them get better with a positive outlook.
  • Avoid any high-calorie junk food and sugary beverages. It not only causes them to get hyperactive, but it also adds to high-density obesity. The right amount of sugar is what a child needs to stay healthy.

Who do I consult?

Health First is the answer to nutritional counselling problems. At Health First, we ensure our team takes care of every need of your child and shall help you find a better perspective towards a healthier lifestyle for your children. Our team of experts conducts a proper physical exam including blood tests and profiling. Accordingly, a diet is planned based on the results that include meal replacement programs, low refined carbs, protein sparing, and undertakes various other obesity management process to ensure the children recover from obesity positively without harm.
Also, along with the diet and physical activity, a child should attend counselling sessions which shall help them see the picture from an unbiased sight.
In the end, it is their health that needs to be taken care of, for they are the future of our world.