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Counselling: For you and for everyone. Open the doors that closed your mind.

I am fine.
It is easier said than expressed what goes on in our mind.
Every morning when we wake up, it is easy to say everything is fine than to explain to someone why something is not right. Whether we are open as a book or closed as a chapter, we will always face questions from people who love us and care about us. However, we fail to believe and respond to caring queries.
Ever asked yourself why you never speak up about your mental issues to someone else?

Maybe because ever since we began understanding our existing environment as a child, talking about mental issues was looked down on.

‘You are weak’, they said.

‘What a cry baby; You should grow up; Brush everything under the table’, they exclaimed.
That very thought of being called weak or a cry baby triggered our response to saying ‘You know what? I am fine, no biggie’.

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Know why counselling is better than bottling up your emotions: How Counselling Helps.

One morning I woke up scared and found myself on the crossroads of emotions. The rush of heavy dosage of emotions increased my cortisol levels to such an extent that I couldn’t help myself but wake up crying. It felt as though the neurotransmitters in my amygdala was playing Rugby.
I was angry, sad and grief stricken for so many confusing reasons that I failed to make a plausible reason out of it all.
If it was my good fortune or just dumb luck, I do not know, but my therapist had an open appointment.

I got ready, grabbed some fruits and rushed to his office at the soonest. For I knew, it was my therapist who could navigate my emotions towards the right direction and give me a clear picture of what gave way to that episode I had that morning.

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Dr. Sonia Goel


A holistic Therapist, Yoga, nutrition and fitness guru, Dr.Sonia Goel is one of the most creative minds in the wellness industry in Delhi and India. She is a Rehab. therapist, certified yoga trainer, a certified nutritionist who focuses on physical and mental healing and preaches body positivity. She has been practicing for over 14 years. She has worked in renowned institutes like AADI, S.R.S; Delhi University, I.S.I.C Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences; I.P University. Health First Kart is a brainchild of Dr. Sonia Goel.


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Yoga is not like trying to go close to your toes or involving into difficult postures, breathing-in and breathing-out. It is a holistic path to get better health for your body and mind. Corporate Yoga is the comprehensive theory of an inner and outer practice within busy corporate environs. The wave result of Yoga is outside the limits of your carpet and is then extended into the work area. There is decisive substantiation supporting the truth that keeping even just one meeting for Yoga in a week brings changes in employee’s productivity by supporting them handle pressure well, improve team confidence, develop concentration, intelligibility, and creative thinking, progress communication skills and joint effort.

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Clients Testimonials

Sonia Mam is having Good knowledge of Diet & Nutrition. I was facing many health issues, made distance from food. Mam suggested diet plan and now i am feeling healthy.

Sarvanan Kumar

A holistic Therapist, Yoga, nutrition and fitness guru, Dr.Sonia Goel. I have been in contact with her for a long time and a always get good tips for Yoga and Fitness.


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